Taking Care of Family and The Community

Take the Lead…

We teach your kids. We teach the grandparents. They teach you. Together, we’re stronger and more resilient. 


Fire and life safety are things we all need to be aware of. The idea that, “it can’t happy to me,” is a common-enough attitude until a disaster actually does strike. No one is immune. We can prepare for disasters, and in most cases, we can survive them.

Proper preparation and practice not only reduces the risk of injury or death, but also makes dealing with disasters more manageable. If you know what to do when something catastrophic occurs, you’re more likely to survive, and your family’s recovery will benefit as well.

The California Fire Prevention Organization delivers a number of fire and life safety programs to elementary school students. The messages we share with them are intended for you.

The same is true for the programs we present to older adults – we expect them to share those important messages with you, their children. By the way, reaching older adults is a key issue for us, and we hope you’ll help us by helping them. Often, older adults are “forgotten” as not being part of a productive society – it’s one of the reasons they’re so at risk from fire, earthquake, pandemics, and other disasters. We want to help change that perception and do be successful, we need your help.

We encourage you to listen to your kids – listen to your parents, and engage with them on the topics of fire and life safety. Watch our videos, look through our programs, and let us know what we can do to help you be better prepared.

Remember, our organization is funded 100% by gifts and grants, so if you believe in what we’re doing, send us a few dollars via our donations page.

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