Fire fighting aircraft

Firefighting Aircraft

  Used primarily to fight wildfire, aircraft generally refers to anything that flies, including helicopters. If the aircraft has fixed wings, then the term applies specifically. Various aircraft have been used over the years for firefighting. Though World War II and Korean War-era bombers were for a long time the mainstay of the aerial firefighting …

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Battalion Sedan

Battalion Sedan

  Command vehicles are sometimes referred to as “Battalion Sedans” when the commander holds the rank of “Battalion Chief.” The example shown is a Battalion Sedan (even though this is a truck chassis with a box mounted on the rear) from the Los Angeles Fire Department. Each Battalion Chief in the LAFD is responsible for …

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Quint Rig Fire Truck

Quint Fire Truck

A quintuple combination pumper or “quint” is a fire apparatus that serves the dual purpose of an engine and a ladder truck. The name quint is derived from the Latin prefix quinque-, meaning five, and refers to the five functions that a quint provides: pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device, and ground ladders. A …

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Mobile Brush Rig in driveway

Brush Apparatus

  Brush or wildland fire engines are typically smaller than Type 1 or structural fire engines and are primarily used for vegetation fires or wildland fires. They also respond to emergencies in rural areas where traditional engines cannot respond. Most wildland engines feature four-wheel drive capability and can thus climb hills and make it through …

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Type 3 Fire Engine

Type 3 Fire Engine

  A Type 3 fire engine is what you’ll see if you live in a mountainous or rural community. These (typically) four-wheel drive apparatus are designed for rapid deployment, pick up, and relocation during wildfires. Technically, a Type 3 fire engine includes a pump operating at 120 gpm, a large 500 gal/tank, 1000 ft. 1 …

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Water Tender Fire Truck

Water Tender

  In places where a water supply may be questionable, fire departments will utilize a water tender. This is an example of a rural department’s water tender working a small grass fire. Some tenders hold as much as 3,000 gallons of water and are quite similar to the tenders you may see at a construction …

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CAlFire Tractor Company

Tractor Companies

Tractor/Dozer Company: A tractor trailer configuration designed for emergency or non-emergency transportation of department dozers, loaders and any oversized/overweight load. The most common use of this combination is at wildfires or to demolish buildings that are no longer safe due to fire, explosion, earthquake or other cause of instability to the structure.

Small Fire Boat

Fireboats are an essential component of any fire agency that operates near any body of water. The Los Angeles Fire Department operates five fire boats. LAFD Fireboat #2 – the Warner L. Lawrence. Named for one of the department’s most innovative officers, Fireboat #2 is one of the largest and most technologically advanced fireboats in …

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