Are Wildfire Residents Ready for the Rain?

Weather forecasts for the coming week predict significant rainfall across California. It should put to bed the last embers from the wildfires that roared across the State during the past 100 days. More than a half inch of rain an hour could launch the next disaster for those affected by the recent fires: flooding and debris flow. “Everyone is aware of the impact fire damaged earth can have when it rains,” said California Fire Prevention Organization executive officer David Barrett. “Even so, many people aren’t prepared to take action to protect their property. Many fire stations have sandbags and sand to support you. Local big box stores like HomeDepot know how to assist with appropriate materials to secure windows and doors. But many people don’t know about following Ready, Set, Go instructions when it’s raining. Do you know where to go? Do you know what materials to take – to leave? The time to get ready is now.”

California Fire Prevention Organization and it’s L.A. area partner MySafe:LA have created a weather related mini-website dedicate to storm preparation. You may visit StormSafe:LA for further information.

California Fire Prevention Organization is preparing a series of public safety resilience fairs across California for this coming winter and spring – and it couldn’t be soon enough for tens of thousands of Californians. Additional information will be released shortly. For additional information, please contact our offices.

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