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We Need You!

So Many Reasons to Join Our Team

Do you want to help your community to be more resilient? Do you enjoy working with kids, older adults, and firefighters? Would you like to be a leader in the community? If so, there’s a spot for you on our team, from San Diego to Sacramento, Lake Tahoe to Santa Barbara, we are looking for people who care about community, disaster preparedness, and making a difference that benefits others.

Be a Public Safety Leader

When the next big wildfire, earthquake, flood, or other unexpected disaster strikes, Californians need to be prepared. The California Fire Prevention Organization’s mission is to change human behavior before it’s too late. We want to build a safer, more resilient community. We want Californians to be ready when wildfires, mudslides or earthquakes strike. Our volunteers make our mission possible. They’re making their own communities, and all of California, safer.

What We Need

You don’t have to be a firefighter to join The California Fire Prevention volunteer team. We’re looking for energetic, talented, and creative people to help us reach more areas within the State of California. Are you preparing for a career in the fire service? Working with our organization could be beneficial to your resume.

We provide all the training. You must be at least 18 years old, have graduated from high school, and have a valid California Driver’s License.

You must be willing to provide up to 10 hours of time per month (a minimum four month commitment). Once you’ve gone through our training seminar, you’ll be ready for all kinds of fun,  including reaching our to students, older adults, and families.

You don’t have to be a young person, either? Are you a retired firefighter, nurse, police officer, or veteran? We’re eager to build a team of people who have served, and who wish to continue sharing their expertise and experience with the community.

The California Fire Prevention Organization fully supports the implementation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and we welcome volunteers from all walks of life. Take a tour of the website, and then feel free to reach us via our contact page

Join Our Team of Specialists!

How to Apply

Step 1

Email info@calfireprevention.org

Send us an email telling us a little bit about yourself and why you’re interested in joining our team. Tell us what you want to do as a California Fire Prevention Organization volunteer, and anything else you think we’d like to know about you. Are you part of a Fire Safe Council? Do you work with students or disadvantage youth? Don’t forget to attach your resume or CV as a PDF document!

Step 2

We’ll Email You Back. Promise!

Be prepared to meet. The next step in the process is to engage in a face-to-face with one of our team leaders. Be yourself. Tell us what you like about our mission, and share the enthusiasm that will help us know you’re the right “fit” for our team.

Step 3

Check Your Calendar!

If we offer you a volunteer position, know that we’ll be counting on you to help us make a difference. Volunteer positions vary in terms of commitment and time. We ask that you be willing to spend at least six hours a month, and for some positions four to six hours a week if you can manage. It’s all negotiable and we’re flexible. Really! Some of us even do yoga.

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