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Targeted Curriculum

Important lessons involving fire and life safety

Welcome Teachers!

Hello! Thanks for visiting this section of the California Fire Prevention Website. We think teachers are heroes. You do so much, and are never thanked enough. So, thank you!

We know that teaching is a challenge. So, we’d like to provide some options to support you. Use these options without reservation or limitation in your classroom.


If you’re located in an area of California where we collaborate with the local fire department, we can provide in-class presentions for you. These would include presentations on:

  • Home fire safety
  • Smoke Alarm awareness and home inspections
  • Earthquake readiness
  • Pet safety


Regardless of where you’re located, we have materials that can be provided to you for use in your classroom. Some materials are available via our Teacher’s Resource Center [ link to: /teachers-resources/ ] and for others, we can send you materials free of charge via the USPS.

If you need materials, just give us a call: 800-470-4946

We’d be happy to discuss the current set of materials and how they can help you in your classroom.

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