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Fire remains one of the most feared disasters anywhere in the world. Because any home could experience a fire, knowing what to do could make the difference between life and death. The California Fire Prevention Organization delivers fire safety and disaster preparedness education and awareness to smaller metro and rural communities in California. 

By demonstrating a commitment to community risk reduction (CRR), not just as a phrase for public relations, but as a functional process, a new series of fire education initiatives may be shared across the state.

Combined, our team has collectively presented to more than 56,600 students during the past six years. Presentations and programs have been delivered to more than 37,220 students in the 4th and 5th grades by our fire safety experts in just the past four years.
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It’s our mission to reduce the threat to life from fire utilizing technology, education, and localized awareness for the fire service and the general public.

Our Programs

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Are You Ready?

Ready, Set, Go!
Drought and wildfires – an endless cycle here in California. Harden your home. Prepare your family. Ready, Set, Go!
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FIRE! It could happen to anyone – even you!

People are dying in house fires in California. Our fire safety education is designed to stop needless fire fatalities.
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A Fire Safety Initiative For Those Most At-Risk

Our elementary school program teaches children how to make a family escape plan, how to talk to a 911 call taker, and much more.
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Drop, Cover and Hold On!

Drop, Cover, and Hold On! Our earthquake materials are designed to help you and your family prepare for the “Big One.”
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Helping Us Save Lives Is Easy

We Can't Do It Without You

California Fire Prevention Organization is funded soley through grants and gifts. Every dollar helps. We exist because of people like you – thoughtful, caring, and community-minded. California is a big state, and there are a number of significant risks that affect thousands of people every day. Your gift will give us the energy to reach out and help make people’s homes and communities better prepared for disaster. There’s always money after a disaster – we’re working to prevent the disaster in the first place. Every year there are more people to prepare, more kids to teach, and more older adults to keep safe. Help us continue our mission. Help us make California safer, more prepared and more resilient.

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