What We Do

Fire Safety Delivered in a Unique Way!

The California Fire Prevention Organization delivers fire safety education and related training to communities throughout the State of California. We’re a growing organization, so we don’t have members or partners in every geo center in the State yet, but we do have a functional and useful website, lots of video, and we’re partnering with fire departments in many at-risk areas of the state.

Our non-profit, public benefit organization is one of the first private fire safety education and awareness organizations in the country dedicated to overall fire prevention. We’re working diligently to make a difference in the community, from research to planning to delivery of programs and analysis – something many fire departments are calling “Community Risk Reduction.” Our objectives are to create safer homes, schools, and places of business.

We Visit Schools, Too!

We love kids. We’ve found that 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students are filled with curiosity, commitment, and follow through. That makes them perfect fire safety students.

Our education teams will be visiting schools in many areas around the state this year, and in so doing, will be distributing a number of new tools, curricula, and support for teachers. We don’t show up and lecture. Our visits are filled with video, interactivity, and live demonstrations. We bring local firefighters with us, so students get a chance to learn from the professional first responders whose sworn duty it is to keep them and their school safe. In short, we give students a learning experience they’ll never forget.

We Support Community Resilience

Our education teams will be partnering with a number of cities across the state to create community events as well. In the spring, we’ll launch a calendar that highlights the places (and fire departments) with whom we’re working. Our community events include fire engines, firefighters, safety demonstrations, Bystander CPR instruction, and much more. We’ll provide FREE smoke alarms (and work to get them installed as well).

When we’re not meeting with the general public, we’re creating events in recreation and parks facilities, museums, senior centers, libraries, and on occasion, fire stations! And it’s not just about fire. We teach people about surviving earthquakes, how to perform Bystander CPR, the importance of having a family escape plan, water safety, burn prevention, smoke alarm installation, sheltering in place, emergency kit assembly and much more.

We Count Everything

Have you heard of bean counters? Those folks to count every penny in a company’s finance department? Well, we have “counters,” too. We don’t count beans, but we tally just about everything else. Smoke alarms installed, escape plans delivered, schools visited, students engaged, and all kinds of things. We’re a fairly new organization, so counting our progress will hopefully demonstrate our commitment to public safety, and give us the incentive to work harder with each passing month. Stop by one of our events, and let us count you, too!

To Succeed, We Need Your Help!

We can't do it without you.

California Fire Prevention Organization is funded primarily through grants and gifts. We also depend on gifts from the public. Every dollar helps. We exist because of people like you – thoughtful, caring, and community-minded. California is a big state, and there are a number of significant risks that affect thousands of people every day. Your gift will give us the energy to reach out and help make people’s homes and communities better prepared for disaster. There’s always money after a disaster – we’re working to prevent the disaster in the first place. Every year there are more people to prepare, more kids to teach, and more older adults to keep safe. Help us continue our mission. Help us make California safer, more prepared and more resilient.

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