Chronicle Offers Wildfire Data

The San Francisco Chronicle has developed a California fire map that allows people to see in near real-time where wildfires are burning in the state. Of some important interest, past

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Cal Fire Prevention Earns FEMA Grant

The California Fire Prevention Organization has earned a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to support the organization’s focus on wildfire education, prevention, and awareness. The grant, which will run

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Severe Drought Continues in CA

There is a grim forecast for the State of California’s Drought situation. Although there was favorable rainfall in April (and some snow), that did little to alter the trajectory of

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New Public Safety PSAs for Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, the original “Surf City,” is working with the California Fire Prevention Organization to produce a series of public service announcements related to water safety in the Santa Cruz

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Every 15 Minutes for Calistoga

The California Fire Prevention Organization, working in collaboration with The Safe Community Project and the City of Calistoga will develop an educational series and event for Calistoga teens that highlights

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Beware Flooding After Wildfires

Wildfires in California dramatically change landscape and ground conditions, which may lead to increased risk of debris flow (or flooding) during even moderate rains. Since scorched ground can no longer

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