Fire Crew Support Truck

Crew 3 Rig

Sometimes called hand crews, there are multiple types of crews, including Type I Interagency Hotshot Crews (IHC), Type 1, Type 2-Initial Attack (IA), Type 2, and Type 3. Type 2 crews are often made up of seasonal firefighters whereas a Type I IHC crew are “Hotshots” and have at least 7 full time, career firefighters on the crew (Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, 3 Squad Bosses). Depending on their qualifications and skill levels, crews may be divided into squads (4 or 5 firefighters each). The more qualified crews will have specialized personnel such as sawyers. Crews and managers must always keep an eye on the fire, and their mind on safety so each crew also has a “lookout”, which is someone with considerable experience who monitors the work of the crew and also the fire. The lookout’s job is to help ensure crew safety. To help construct containment lines, handcrews often rely on airtankers and helicopters. Retardant and water drops can help reinforce lines. While retardants do not stop advancing fire, they slow a fire’s progress allowing handcrews to do their job.