students interact with firefighters as part of the CalFire school program.

School Visits Reinforce Fire Safety Education

California Fire Prevention Organization teams are visiting 4th and 5th grade classrooms in various cities throughout California, as this shot from a County of Santa Cruz campus highlights. Students watch a 45 minute presentation and learn about basic fire safety. They then take home an inspection form (as homework), and complete it, returning it for credit prior to a second visit. In the second hour, students are taught about evacuating from their home in the event of a fire, how to ensure pets are safe as well, the importance of smoke alarms and why you never go back into a burning home. If students request a smoke alarm, one is provided, and CalFire Prevention teams will also visit and install smoke alarms in any at-risk home that requests that service. The third visit gives these students the opportunity to meet with their local firefighters, to see their apparatus and equipment, and to celebrate completion of the program.