Small Fire Boat

Fireboats are an essential component of any fire agency that operates near any body of water. The Los Angeles Fire Department operates five fire boats. LAFD Fireboat #2 – the Warner L. Lawrence. Named for one of the department’s most innovative officers, Fireboat #2 is one of the largest and most technologically advanced fireboats in the world. It is an omni-directional vessel driven by two Voith Schneider Propellers type 26 GII/165-AE 45. The Warner Lawrence has the capability to pump up to 38,000 US gallons per minute (2.397 m3/s) up to 400 feet (121.9 m) in the air. It’s hull design is based on that of a tug boat, but there are very few tug boats in the world that can compete the Fireboat #2!