CalFire Prevention Creates a Northern California Presence

As the organizational structure of the California Fire Prevention Organization evolves, a new Northern California presence has been added to the Non-Profit Public Benefit’s organizational chart. The new NORCAL unit is managed by CFPO EMT David Edward Svoboda. Prior to transferring to CalFire Prevention, David was an educator and PIO for MySafe:LA, a Los Angeles area fire safety organization.

There are so many small regional fire departments in Northern California,” David said while touring some of the areas ravaged by wildfire in 2015. “We’re working with a number of communities, ranging from Napa to Calistoga to Lake County. These firefighters are dedicated public servants, and many of them are either part time or volunteers. Our program can help them focus on fire and medical protection.”

During 2016, the number of agencies that work with CalFire Prevention will be limited to approximately ten. “As the program grows and we demonstrate success, we’ll be able to add additional resources and work with more departments,” said Cameron Barrett, program manager for the California Fire Prevention Organization initiative.

Funding for the program is through an AFG Grant from the Federal Government and private donations and gifts. No funds are taken from participating fire departments during the initial 2016 pilot year. Future funding development is already underway, but 2016 is fully funded, according to Program Manager Barrett.

To reach the NorCal office of CalFire Prevention:

California Fire Prevention Organization
California Fire Prevention Organization
2777 Yulupa Ave , #182
Santa Rosa, CA
David Edward Svoboda 
EMT, Agency Representative


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