Calistoga Fire Joins Up with California Fire Prevention Organization

The Calistoga Fire Department has joined up with CalFire Prevention to collaborate in fire and life safety programs for 2016. According to CalFire Prevention EMT and Agency Rep David Edward Svoboda, it’s an ideal partnership. “There are multiple types of threats to the Calistoga area,”Svoboda said, “and, these firefighters are all part time and already giving their all. Our mission is to provide them with support in the form of smoke alarms, CO detectors, and education teams to help the local residents be better prepared for wildfires and other dangers.”

California Fire Prevention Organization collaborated in the creation of a safety fair with the Calistoga Fire Department

As a kick-off to the partnership, CalFire Prevention collaborated on a community open house safety fair. CFPO medical and fire members gave away free smoke alarms, fire service trading cards, taught people about hands-only CPR, and showed residents how to plan and practice a family escape plan. “This is where it becomes extremely valuable,” EMT Svoboda stated. “The kids love meeting their local firefighters, and everyone needs to know more about prevention and preparation.” To cap the community event off, CalFire Prevention donated $4,000.00 in smoke alarms to the Calistoga firefighters, who will keep them on their fire apparatus. Whenever on scene, if it is determined that a home doesn’t have smoke alarms, firefighters can provide them at no cost to the homeowner.

Calistoga Fire and California Fire Prevention Organization working with community members.

Plans are in place for CalFire Prevention education teams to canvass several neighborhoods in the City of Calistoga, providing free smoke alarms, CO detectors (and installing them), as well as providing free fire safety information and educational awareness. In the fall, several area schools will receive fire safety presentations as well.

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