Rehab Tender

Rehabilitation Air Tender: during major emergencies, firefighters will need to replace their air bottles (used to breath), not to mention resting between heavy periods of exposure to fire, heat and smoke. These apparatus, affectionately called “RATS,” are used at dangerous and significant incidents. In addition to carrying air bottles, this apparatus is designed to help […]

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Helicopter Tender

Helicopter Tender

Air Operations Helicopter Tender: This apparatus responds to locations where helicopters will be used. They carry from 580 to 2000 gallons of jet fuel. Equipment may include: portable pumps and reservoirs (1,000 gallon capacity), stokes litter baskets, cargo slings and hooks, assorted fittings, a portable generator to assist in starting the aircraft, two sets of

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Helicopters are a critical component when effecting a rescue, or when fighting a wildfire. The helicopter shown is a Bell 412, one of the more common in larger geographic areas where wildfire and rescues are both priorities. The Bell 412 has a storied past, and is used by a number of large fire departments. It

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Heavy Rescue

The Heavy Rescue – the LAFD operates this specialized tow-truck as a “Heavy Rescue” out of Fire Station 56 in the LA community of Silverlake. This mammoth apparatus is useful in a wide variety of situations, including but not limited to righting overturned big rigs, pulling crushed vehicles apart, and lifting heavy objects. One of

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HAZ MAT Apparatus

HazMat (Hazardous Materials) – in the event of a chemical or dangerous toxin emergencies, or a bomb threat, a specialized vehicle, typically called a Haz Mat – or hazardous materials apparatus will be put into use. Today, even smaller departments operate haz mat rigs – although some cities utilize their police departments for this function.

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Gator ATV & Paramedic Team: The “Gator” Team consists of two Paramedics operating a six-wheeled All Terrain Vehicle. The “Gator” is outfitted with Advanced Life Support tools, a stretcher, and other necessary equipment. The size and configuration of the Bicycle Paramedic Teams and the “Gator” teams provided paramedics the opportunity to navigate crowds, circumvent traffic,

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Foam Tender

Foam Tender

Foam Tender – this is one of the more unusual apparatus operated by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Using a specialized foam (see below) combined with water, this rig is extremely useful when suppressing fires that are resistant to traditional water-based operations. Class A foams were developed in mid 1980s and were used when suppressing

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