Evacuating Ahead of a Wildfire

It can save your life

The Third Step- Go!

Getting ready to GO is step #3 in keeping your home and family safe from wildfires.

There are countless stories of people who have died in wildfires because they refused to leave when they were told to evacuate. Still others died because they didn’t make the necessary preparations in advance of the wildfire, and when it came time to evacuate they weren’t prepared and panicked.

If you’ve followed Step #1 – READY, and Step #2 – SET, then you’re ready to GO.

On High Hazard Days

Do you know what the WUI is? The Wildland Urban Interface is the area where residential areas like neighborhoods back up to wild areas. If you live in areas of Los Angeles like the Hollywood Hills, and many parts of the San Fernando Valley, you live within or close to the WUI.

The city of Los Angeles is prone to wildfires because of three major factors:

  • large residential population
  • hot, dry climate
  • There are multiple wildland urban interfaces within and adjacent to the city limits

If you live near the WUI, the time to prepare for wildfires is now.


When you receive the evacuation order, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

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