Lake County Fire Protection District Joins California Fire Prevention Organization

The Lake County Fire Protection District has joined the CalFire Prevention Organization’s California Fire Prevention Organization fire and life safety education initiative. The program, which includes free smoke alarms (and installation), visits with local schools, neighborhood canvassing for home fire safety, and materials and support is part of the 2016 CalFire Prevention partner program.

Lake County Fire Joins MySafe:CA

Last year, when we were up here for the fire that claimed so much of Middleton, I knew this was an area in desperate need of fire prevention education,” said David Edward Svoboda, EMT and California Fire Prevention Organization agency rep. “These hills are all still very much at risk, and much of the area hasn’t burned in more than 50 years. That’s why Middleton was so disastrous.”

EMT Svoboda will support Lake County Fire Chief Willie Sepeta and his firefighters in developing a plan for a series of summer and fall activities. California Fire Prevention Organization educators and installers will collaborate with Lake County Fire Protection members to canvass some of the at-risk streets in their district, installing free smoke alarms and teaching families about escape plans and fire safety. Visits will be made to local schools, and a public safety fair will bring local residents together to get a stronger perspective on how to make their homes and neighborhoods safer.

We use census data, fire response information, real estate transaction data and other materials to determine at-risk communities, “Education Director and Program Manager Cameron Barrett said. “This is an important area for us to support, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with Chief Sepeta and the Lake County firefighters.”

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