New Podcast Offering

New Podcast Supports Californians in Fire and Life Safety

The California Fire Prevention Organization is launching two new podcasts in support of fire and life safety in the State. The first is called “California Burns,” and is about wildfire that is always at the center of our fire safety concerns. Every year, wildfires continue to set records, and while 2020 has been relatively quiet with regard to wildfires, the summer is here, and we’re very concerned about what the late summer and fall might bring.

The second podcast is a Spanish language offering, and is aimed at LatinX families living anywhere in California. Sano y Salvo: California (Safe and Sound: California) has been especially created for our friends that live in the less urban areas of our beautiful state. The program is hosted by a trio of CFPO team members whose backgrounds include Emergency Medical Technician/Wildland Firefighter, grass roots outreach, and community education. The theme of our first season is “The Heat of the Moment.”

To listen in, visit or listen on Apple iTunes or any other podcast network.