CalFire Prevention officers hand out fire safety materials

Public Safety Fairs Start Up Again – With a Twist

The California Fire Prevention Organization has recommenced its public safety fair efforts following months of suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new events, scheduled in partnership with area fire departments, are being presented with a twist: combining our fire and life safety education efforts with food giveaways. As at-risk families are provided with food supplies, CalFire Prevention public safety officers are also providing them with fire safety information, and access to smoke alarm installations and training as well. The net result is that even more people are getting CFPO fire safety materials and support than would at a “typical” safety fair.

This event, in Murrieta California earlier today highlights how the process works. Cars arrive and are queued into a line. CalFirePrevention officers provide every car with a GO bag filled with fire safety materials, whistle, medication box, etc. For those needing a smoke alarm, one is provided, and an effort is made to organize an installation at a home following the event.