A CalFire Prevention officer hands out fire safety materials

Riverside Safety Fair a Big Hit!

Hundreds of people living in Riverside are a bit safer today, following a CalFire Prevention Safety Fair event. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit California hard beginning in March of 2020, there were concerns that CalFire Prevention’s public safety fairs would be unable to continue. Although no activities took place for several months, the program is now in full swing again. Combining fire safety with public food distribution events has created an unexpected benefit – everyone who attends the event gets fire and life safety materials. At a “traditional” safety fair, where perhaps 500 people attend, it would be typical to see perhaps 125 people from that overall event. With this new style of public outreach, literally every family that attends gets materials, information, and access to free smoke alarm installation scheduling.

The Riverside event earlier today was one such example. All in all, 324 families attended the event, and all 324 received fire and life safety materials from CalFire Prevention public safety officers. A tremendous amount of gratitude and “socially distanced” hugs (virtual) are shared as people are grateful that their fire and life safety issues are also being addressed during these difficult times.