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We have a number of files that you can download, duplicate, and use in your classroom. Some of these documents are in English and Spanish, and some are limited to English – but all are labeled, so you should have no trouble knowing what you’re getting.

If you need help, reach out to us:
Via email: info@calfireprevention.org
Telephone: 800.470.4946


There are some useful videos that you can use in your classroom as well. The easiest method is to simply stream the videos from this page. If you’d like to download a video to use locally, call us or email us at the numbers above and we’ll organize the proper link for you.

Here are the videos what we suggest for you to use in your classroom:

The Fire Triangle

The Fire Triangle is one of the first lessons educators from California Fire Prevention Organization teach to our 4th and 5th grade students. Those kids go on to learn other important safety rules in our three-part, in-school, Junior Fire Inspector series. This is a terrific opportunity to teach your students several key points:

  • Fire needs three components to burn: heat, fuel, and oxygen
  • Remove any one of the three, and a fire dies

Watch the video:

Family Escape Plan

In this short, educational film, The California Fire Prevention Organization walks you through the simple steps in creating a plan that will help any family survive an emergency or disaster. Key points to teach include:

  • The fire department will always show up
  • Before they do, every student can be a hero for their family – by making a family escape plan
  • Draw a map of your home
  • Pick two ways out of your apartment or house
  • Choose a family meeting place

Watch the video:

Get Low And Go

Meet Ben and his dog Franklin. This is a good opportunity to teach your students several things:

  • That Benjamin Franklin invented the formal fire department in America
  • That pets are part of the family
  • That smoke alarms save lives
  • That “Get Low and Go!” Is an important thing to learn to avoid inhaling deadly smoke

Watch the Video:



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