Burn Prevention

A burn is like no other injury

Burns by the Numbers

In the United States:

+ 0
More than two million burn injuries are reported each year
of those incidents are serious enough to require medical attention
burn victims are injured badly enough to require hospitalization
people die each year from burns
+ 0
Over one million will be scarred for life

Burn Treatment

Burn treatment can be tricky. Most first and even second degree burns are easily treated at home, but diagnosing the severity of a burn isn’t so simple. It depends on the size of the burn and the age of the person. When in doubt, transport the burn victim to the nearest emergency room, or DIAL 9-1-1!

While you’re waiting for help to arrive, do NOT put anything on the burn except cool, clean water. No butter! No oil! No salves! No ointments! Cool (not cold!) water will not only keep the burn clean, but will also cool the skin, offer some comfort for the person burned, and help stop the burning process.

Burns are like no other injury. The pain and specialized treatment associated with burns are unique. And the scars serious burns leave are not just physical, but deeply emotional as well. What burns do have in common with many other injuries, is their preventability. You can and should minimize the risk of burns.

Start in the Kitchen

One of the most common places in your home to get burned is the kitchen. But some simple, inexpensive tools and some preplanning will make your time in the kitchen safer. Watch this short video to understand some of the simple steps you can take to avoid burns.

Most of us think of fire when we think of burns, but in reality, many burns are caused, not by fire, but by hot liquids, steam, electricity, chemicals, and even the sun.

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