What Burns You

The most common burns are from hot water

Everybody knows that fire burns. But did you know that water does too? Or chemicals? Or even electricity?

Knowing what can burn you is the first step to making you and your family safer.
Burn hazards can be found in nearly every room or your house – the kitchen, the family room, your backyard, your bedroom, even the bathroom.

Thermal burns (heat and fire)

Of course, we all know that hot things burn. Thermal (or heat) related burns can happen in so many places, that it’s impossible to list them all here, but here are some general ideas for avoiding sources of thermal burns.

  • The obvious places in your home, like fireplaces, stoves, and BBQs, are places where you need to be especially cautious.
  • Open flames, such as candles, lanterns, and fire pits should never be left unattended.
  • Fireworks – fireworks of any kind are illegal in California. You can learn more about fireworks here
  • The Sun – it’s this planet’s biggest heat source, and it’s dangerous to all of us, if we’re exposed to it, unprotected, for long enough. You can learn how to prevent sunburns here
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