Get Low and Go

Even Firefighters Do It

When evacuating a building, stay under the smoke and super heated air!

We live in a toxic world

Most homes today are filled manmade materials like plastic, rubber, and chemically treated furniture. All of it is flammable and can go from a small fire to something very serious within seconds. Toxic smoke can fill a home within minutes of a fire starting.

The science is simple – heat and smoke rise. That means that the bad air is up high, leaving a space of cleaner air below. But remember, if you wait too long, the bad air will bank, and eventually fill your entire home. There will be no “good air space” if you wait too long.

The most effective way to avoid that choking, poisonous smoke, is to move quickly, and GET LOW and GO! Protect yourself and your family. DO NOT WAIT. Get low to the ground, use your family escape plan, and evacuate safely.

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