Stop, Drop and Roll

If You or Your Clothes Catch Fire.

Never Run

Running Will Cause the Fire to Grow and Spread



Don’t Panic

The message is clear: If YOU or YOUR CLOTHES catch on fire do not run.

Running will cause the flames to spread. That would be more dangerous for you and those near you. Running will also provide the fire more oxygen, which could make it larger. You want to put the fire out.

  • STOP immediately.
  • DROP to the ground and cover your face with your hands.
  • ROLL back and forth on the ground. This will help smother the fire. Fire needs oxygen to burn. Smothering the fire will deny it oxygen and put it out. And that will save your life!

Important Note for Teachers and Parents!

picture of person protecting themselves from fire

We’ve learned from hundreds of school presentations that many kids think you should “Stop, Drop, and Roll” when your house is on fire. No. When you find a fire in your house – you should follow the Family Escape Plan that you’ve created and leave the building. If necessary, Get Low and Go, crawling under the smoke and poisonous hot air that is rising to the ceiling. Meet at your predesignated safe meeting place outside of your home and then, and ONLY then, call 9-1-1.

So Remember!

Stop, Drop and Roll ONLY if you or your clothes catch fire.

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